Persistence of DLF in 100% water conservation

Water is a vital natural resource that needs to be conserved. The rising cases of water scarcity and water pollution have made all the leaders of the world take water conservation as a priority. A lot of initiatives have been taken to conserve water and make it available to everybody.

Water plays an important role in real estate as well because people never invest in a property that has a scarcity of water. All the civilizations in the world began on the banks of the river where people could easily fetch water, which is true in the case of real estate developers. People go with the developer who assures them of the ample availability of water.

The Vision of DLF

DLF has won the trust of the people by ensuring them sustainable living in many forms and is the pioneer in the real estate sector to focus on water conservation in many ways. All the home buyers and investors who understand the importance of preserving nature and conserving water go with DLF. Because it has proved its intentions by taking all the measures to save and conserve water while offering the residents a luxurious life.

The expertise and pure intentions of the real estate giant have enabled it to go beyond making profits and working wholeheartedly towards mankind and nature. It has the better answer to the question of how we can make this planet better for future generations. DLF has included the application of 4R (reduce, recycle, reuse, and replenish) in its vision to develop sustainable societies and save the planet. Let’s have a look at them one by one –

Improving Water Efficiency

The developer is taking all the measures to improve water efficiency by stopping the wastage of water. The real estate giant also makes sure that every drop of water is used and the list of the measures taken includes –

  1. Installation of meters and sub-meters to check the usage of water from every point. It helps to monitor and improve water consumption patterns from every outlet at regular intervals.
  2. It installs leak detection systems to stop water leakage and overflows. Also, the detection helps the team to ensure timely repair of any leakage.
  3. Pressure from the taps is reduced to 1.5–2 kg/cm2 to prevent water leakage by using PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve).
  4. They use an aerator to make the best use of water flow and limit the flow of water to 2.8 liters. per minute and 6 lit. per minute as per the requirement in wash basins and pantry.
  5. Making use of low-flow taps and faucets along with the aerators helps to reduce the flow rate by 50 percent to 60 percent.
  6. It makes use of the technology for urinals and taps in wash basins by applying sensor-based and high-efficiency fixtures.
  7. Also, it uses waterless urinals to increase the efficiency of water in common areas of commercial buildings.

     Onsite Water Recycling

Onsite water recycling is another potential method and the developer applies it in every form to ensure the conservation of water to its optimum level. The first example of reusing water is collecting makeup water in cooling towers from the condensed drain water of Air Handling Units.

STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) is installed in every DLF project to reuse the water and they use treated water for irrigation, sanitation, & make-up water for cooling towers. Moreover, there are zero-discharge STPs at multiple sites which strengthens the vision of the developer.

They install dual pipes plumbing systems in the buildings to use recycled water only for flushing purposes. On top of everything, the sludge of STP is used as manure for horticulture.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is another method of replenishment as they recharge groundwater through rainwater harvesting systems in residential and commercial projects. The initiative of the real estate again helps to raise the groundwater levels.


DLF ensures sustainable living and goes the extra mile to achieve it by making use of infrastructure and technology. The key to sustainability and 100 percent water conservation lies in meticulous planning and vision.

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