DLF Gardencity Enclave Sector 93 Gurgaon – Luxury Floors

DLF Gardencity Enclave Sector 93 Gurgaon - Luxury Floors

The DLF flats always have been popular when it comes people to selecting their luxurious homes

DLF Gardencity Enclave Sector 93 Gurgaon - Luxury Floors

The DLF flats always have been popular when it comes people to selecting their luxurious homes. There is just something in the name of the DLF that results in people trusting these flats. It could be because of the goodwill it has earned over the years. Whatever the reason may be, the point is that there is no better choice than DLF for you if you want a luxurious and comfortable place to live with your family. One of the most famous residency projects of this is the DLF Gardencity Enclave which has all you need in your luxurious home.

Take a look at the below-presented segments to learn more important things about this residential project in detail for you to analyze.

DLF the Arbour

Gardencity Enclave Highlights

Let us give you a glance at the highlights of this project to help you learn why this project has gained this much popularity. So, if this piqued up your interest then watch the highlights below:

  • Designing These apartments have low-rise independent floors giving people an astonishing view to look at.
  • Greenry As the name suggests, the place is filled with lush green gardens to give you beautiful scenery to breathe into. The view that you will get from your balcony is amazing.
  • Top Security People usually worry about the security of their flats, and DLF certainly does not disappoint you in this department. To provide you with the utmost safety for all the essentials that a family keeps in their home, they have installed CCTV to keep an eye on everyone.

These are a few of the DLF Gardencity Enclave floor highlights.

Facilities or Amenities of Gardencity Enclave

Before getting to the part of project amenities we would like to tell you about its location. These flats or apartments are located in DLF gardencity enclave sector 93 Gurgaon. It is not that far from the nearest metro station and you can easily make the commute there. Hence without wasting any more time, it is time to get to know some of the offered amenities:
  • Power Back Up

    You do not need to worry about power cuts because power backups are present so that even in the case of unexpected electricity shortage you will have full electricity access and there would be no shortage, hence your work will not be interrupted.
  • Secured Gated Community

    The DLF Gardencity enclave area is covered under tight security measures leaving no chance of any thief getting in. The CCTV cameras as placed in the entrance lobby as well as in the parking lot that are constantly being viewed by the guards on duty.
  • Tracks for Jogging

    People who like to go for a morning run or walk can use this Jogging Track, which is designed especially for people like them.

Floor Plans and the price

Block                AreaAccommodationPrice
A5464 – 502 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote
A8502 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote
A9431 – 527 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote
A10269 – 289 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote
A15377 – 428 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote
A16 Park Facing336 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote
E3 Park Facing445 SQYD4 BHK+SQ+STGet Quote

As you can see the pricing of these DLF Gardencity floors has not been released officially yet but you can get through after making a query.

What is the location of DLF Gardencity?

DKLF Gardencity is an integrated, long-standing development that is ideally situated along NH-48 and has easy access to the SPR. NPR, and KMP Motorway. It provides quick access within acres of planned green space. DLF Gardencity is the ideal address for individuals looking for the best life to offer because social comforts, populated housing communities, and the other operational infrastructure along with business complexes are nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people want to learn about the pricing of this famous gardencity, but to their disappointment, the builders have not disclosed it on the official website. But there is another option to get the prices and that is placing a request on the official website with your details.

The DLF Gardencity is constructed on a large acre of land of approximately 600 acres. Almost 3000 families can easily be accommodated in this area. All of the available floors here are quite spacious for a family.

The DLF Flats are situated in the sector 92 of Gurgaon and its PIN Code is 122505 of Haryana.


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